• FAQ, Contact info, etc.

    For questions regarding the 4026 Pinewood Derby website, please send us a message via our email form.

  • Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Here's an attempt to list some common questions you might have.

    1. Q: I have 2 (or more) scouts. Can I register them both with one account?
      A: Yes, absolutely! You can claim as many scouts as match your email address, add their cars, photos, and votes.
    2. Q: I'm a Grandfather/Grandmother/Uncle/Aunt/Brother/Sister - can I watch the live stream and register to vote for my favorite cars?
      A: Definitely - We encourage you to invite all of your family members to watch the livestream and vote for your favorite cars!
    3. Q: I registered, but I do not see my cub scout(s) on the Scouts page. Are they missing?
      A: If they are on scoutbook (all of them are), then there are here - however, if you registered with a different email address than what we have on file, you will not see them in your list of scouts. Please send us a message so we can update your email address.